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Today’s home theater uses an 80 inch to 300-inch video projector or a large flat-screen 55 inch to 100 inch HD TV monitor. The projector screens and TV monitors are typically wall mounted by a local audio visual contractor.

The 2nd most important element of any home theater system is sound. A Home Theater/AV Surround Sound Receiver is the heart of any system installation. Choosing a great home theater system installation service provider, will aid you in the selection process. There is a wide range of home theater amplifiers available on the market today. We will help you navigate the big decisions based upon your room size, ambient noise, and budget.

Last but not least, is video content. Between 1995 and 2015 most home cinemas were set-up with DVD/Blu-ray boxes to play DVD’s. Now that blockbuster is no more, most of todays video content is streamed over the Internet. Internet streaming is crucial for home theater installations today. We are expert audio visual installers integrating WIFI and hard wire networking into your video streaming and Cord-cutting video content services.

Tri Star Home Theater Installation is your #1 choice for design, installation, and service. As well as repair of your existing home theater.


TV Mounting Service & Installation

Setting up your Home Audio Video system can be a daunting task if your home was not pre-wired during construction. Set-up and installation require a detail oriented service professional.

Do you want your TV Mounted to a wall, TV hanging from a ceiling, TV mounted in a corner or TV Mounted over a fireplace? At Tri Star Our TV mounting service has you covered, with over 30 years of expert home entertainment installation experience and a 100% customer satisfaction rating

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Tri Star Home Theater excels in product knowledge and customer service support. In today's society where mass merchants may have become cold and impersonal, we strive to make you, our customer, the main priority. A great home theater is that stress-free part of the house where the magic happens with the push of a button. Each system installed is specifically tailored to fit a different room and lifestyle. We achieve this by giving uncompromising attention to detail, from the consultation and pre-wire, to product selection, to final installation and operation.

Add the Magic with a Surround Sound Installation bring the movie magic and sports realism to your home theater experience.

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Installation Cost

The price is determined by many factors. Because of our low overhead and efficient practices we offer the lowest prices. We would be happy to provide you with a complimentary cost estimate.

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