Tri Star TV Installers calculator for estimating the distance to install your Plasma or LCD Television.

Tri Star TV Installers strive to give you the best possible viewing experience when we install your Plasma TV or LCD TV. But one thing we run into often is that customer don't have a proper perspective of how close they can sit to a large screen television and still have a good viewing experience. Sitting the right distance from your LCD TV or plasma television is an important part of the getting the best viewing experience. Sitting too far away from your screen definitely diminishes the overall impact of your investment on your new flat screen television. Additionally, sitting too close to a large screen is also less than ideal because you will find that you're finding it hard to follow the action and could get that same feeling you get from sitting to close to the screen at your local movie theater. If you're not sure how far away you should install your television for optimum viewing, consult our suggested viewing distance chart.

Remember that the distance is the center of where your installing the screen and where your eyes will be when watching your new LCD or Plasma television.


Suggested Viewing Distance For HDTV Calculator

Enter Screen Size in Inches View Distance HDTV Capable Plasma or LCD TV

LCD TV or Plasma TV Screen Size Calculator

Enter Distance From Ideal TV Location in Feet Optimum HDTV Plasma or LCD TV Screen Size

Q: What is the best distance to site from the television for the best viewing experience for different screen sizes?

A: The best way to you calculate viewing distance by multiplying one of the screen's dimensions (height, width, or diagonal) by some fixed number. The calculator above can give you recommendations for screen size and/or viewing distance. The top part of the calculator will give you an optimal viewing distance based on the screen size you enter in the left-hand column. The lower part of the calculator should be used if you know where you want to put your television but are unsure of what screen size to choose. Measure the distance from the area where you will place the TV to your normal viewing area, enter the amount in feet in the left-hand column and the calculator will display what we believe is an optimal screensize in the right-hand column.

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